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10th September 2022 Saturday

NYFW | Designing Sustainably

In the world of fashion, the number of designers thinking about their carbon footprint are far outnumbered by the legacy brands that have created flywheel business models and loyal fans, and in turn carry much influence in the way we choose which fashions the wear.

This coming September, we’ll be showcasing twelve designers whose brands think about fashion through the lens of sustainability – using sustainable solutions at the onset of creation to show firsthand how sustainable designs are of the same caliber. Quality does not need to be sacrificed in order to be sustainably responsible.

Through our exhibit, you'll have the opportunity to not only see the newest collections coming from each designer but intimately learn the ways in which they are creating sustainably and the long term impact it has on our carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to educate sustainable solutions through tangible examples that have viewers leaving more aware of brands available, so when given the choice as to what brands to shop, you ultimately choose the sustainable option.


675 Hudson Street, #4S
New York, NY 10014
(between Meatpacking & Chelsea)


12 – 3pm EST


Exhibit Ticket: $25

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The Designers

We've selected designers whose brands all think about sustainable solutions at the onset of their creations, rather than just offsetting after the fact. It's at the onset where real innovation happens and in turn creates larger, systemic impact.


Camille Jaillant, Olistic the Label


Elena Feit & Alexia Hanemian, Ethiquette


Amelie Brick, APPARIS


Lauren Nouchi, APPARIS


Mirco Scoccia, O2 Monde


Juliette Angeletti, Phi 1.618


Adrienne Smith & Chiara Federico, Pallas Paris


Lorna Murray, Lorna Murray


Felice Langkamp, MyCashmere


Lucie Harte, Soft Animal


Idriss Nestor & Federica Scala, OPR Eyewear

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