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Climate innovation & Creative Expression

BLANK is a multi-disciplinary agency specializing in sustainability. We support brands and organizations in showcasing their sustainability efforts and impact on a global basis. In creating conversations around carbon literacy through events, marketing campaigns and PR, we believe that the work we do assists consumers in making more eco-conscious decisions. Our strategic consulting work with corporations and startups, drives real change that collectively put us on a path of sustainability.

" Sustainability is human-centric, and humans are informed by culture. "

" If we provide carbon literacy, people will make more eco-conscious decisions. "


To showcase obtainable solutions to live more sustainably.

Connectors &

We act as the conduit, connector, and trustworthy source helping others decipher what is actually sustainable, to filter out greenwashing.


We're building an eco-system that shares the core value of solving the climate crisis through a solutions-based approach - ultimately creating impactful experiences and a trusted platform.

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