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BLANK focuses on four core services that highlight sustainable solutions and efforts being made within an organization and create outputs through the lens of sustainability – driving awareness of solutions and moving the needle in various efforts to collectively put us on a path of sustainability.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We work with teams to understand the brand origin story, the brand’s ambition and business objectives against key research and findings taking place in culture. The end deliverable is a clear narrative and strategic positioning to define how the brand shows up in the world – in a unique and provocative way, putting sustainability at the forefront of the narrative rather than it being an afterthought.

Creative Ideation & Development

We identify clear briefs that amplify the sustainable objective. From creative campaigns to content development, we think outside the box, even with our most traditional mediums, to deliver the most impact in creating systemic change and resonating with people to change their perceptions/actions.

Public Relations

Whether at the brand level, through a curated press dinner, bespoke initiatives or traditional press needs, PR is single-handedly one of the most important elements to a brand’s success. We work to develop an intentional PR strategy that amplifies and positions brands as thought leaders within their category, but also within the sustainable landscape.

Curated Exhibits

Through large scale cultural exhibits or intimate curated interactions, we deliver a cohesive sustainable narrative, with emphasis on carbon literacy extracts, to guide attendees through an experience. Whether it’s a provocative art show or a thought leadership dinner, we want to leave people leaving feeling empowered to choose a sustainable path forward.

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