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Sustainability has become the go-to buzzword. However, nothing at this current moment is in fact sustainable. So we collaborate with brands and organizations to ensure we are on the Path to Sustainability – showcasing the solutions that move the needle and create real systemic change.

Our earth's footprint is equally as important as understanding the solutions to put us on a path to sustainability.

To ensure we are on the path to sustainability, BLANK partners with organizations, large and small, to address areas of impact that are in need of sustainable improvement, want to showcase sustainable solutions through existing platforms or want to bring to life sustainable initiatives in a compelling and tangible way.

For every exhibit, partnership and/or collaboration, we track carbon efforts and measure internal and partners initiatives through a proprietary set of criteria that scores brands to ultimately reach their BLANK Approved level.

What does it mean to be BLANK Approved?

To be BLANK Approved means you've met a set of criteria that confirms efforts to lower the carbon footprint and the onsite of creation or development. Offsetting simply isn't enough.

We measure our criteria through four main pillars: Economic Responsibility, Cultural Accountability, Social Accountability & Innovative Responsibility


Our Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is both the awareness that humankind’s daily practices on planet earth, which rely on earth’s resources, cannot be sustained; and it is the revolution of eco-knowledge which empowers the individual and the corporation to create practices that unify us with our planet.

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